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At Bark of the Town we provide quality grooming by experienced groomers while striving to make the grooming process a positive one for your dog. All of us here will treat your dog just like they’re our own 4 legged family member.

Grooming can be stressful for dogs but is also necessary for their overall health. So we believe in being reassuring, patient, and calm with your dog so that they learn to trust their us as their groomer. We will give your furry friend personalized, hands-on care for what works for them within their boundaries.

We also provide a clean, safe, and open concept salon. So while your dog is not on the grooming table being groomed we provide couches, water bowls, and blankets so your dog can feel more at home. The doggy lounge also opens to the front windows so you’ll be happy to see your doggos face in the window wagging their tail excited to see you! We do also have kennels, since some dogs may feel more comfortable in a den like setting or those dogs who are nervous being around other dogs.

Founded in 2019, Bark of the Town is here to serve!

Located in Kilworth-Komoka, a stone’s throw from London, Byron, Strathroy, and St. Thomas.

Q How do I book an appointment ?

We prefer booking though the online booking service on our website, but we also book by email or phone. We do not have a receptionist so keep in mind we cannot answer phone calls while we are busy grooming.

Q When should my puppy come in for their first groom?

In order to get them used to the process, we recommend grooming early on and frequently. They should at least have their first set of shots. We always recommend starting off with our puppy package (see puppy page for more details) which is a not a full haircut. This helps them to get used to the sounds, and feelings associated with grooming so we do not overwhelm them. We do not want them to have a negative association with grooming. We recommend bringing them back within 3-4 weeks for another puppy package, you can use the puppy package as frequently as you like until they reach 6 month of age. At this time we can determine if your puppy is ready for a full haircut. It varies depending on your puppies behaviour and how much practice you are doing a home to help.

Q Do you also groom cats?

No. We only groom dogs

Q Do you use cages in your salon?

Mostly no, but we do have kennels if necessary. Your dog’s behaviour will dictate if they need to be in a kennel for a short time or free roaming. We do have a staff room with a comfy couch if your dog just needs a little extra space.

Q How long does my dog’s appointment take?

The average stay is 1-3 hours. Although depending on the size and behaviour the time may vary. You will be contacted as soon as your dog is done or if more time is needed.

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